La Albufera

‘La Albufera’ of Valencia is one of the favorite tourist spots for those who come to know the city and its surroundings. It is a coastal lagoon separated from the sea by a spit of land.

The word albufera means, according to its Arab origin, the small sea. In some Arabic poems is known as Sun´s mirror, which can already give us a rough idea of the beauty and romance of a natural environment like this.

‘La Albufera’ of Valencia is one of the most representative and valuable coastal wetlands in Valencia, to the point that in 1986 it was declared a Natural Park. Its environmental value is important, because in it we find endangered species.

‘La Albufera’ of Valencia consists of six islands that are home to dense vegetation, and currently can be accessed by boat by some companies that have transformed the traditional craft of their family based on fishing, adapting to walks to publicize everyone one of the most important natural parks of Valencia.

Enjoy a boat ride in a unique setting.

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