Centro histórico


Strolling the streets of Valencia, is strolling through streets full of history and emblematic buildings that you must see when you visit our city. On the streets of downtown, as well as by the Barrio del Carmen (today cultural epicenter of Valencia), you can find wonders like:

The cathedral: Built on the site of a Roman temple, which later became a mosque the origins of the cathedral date back to the 13th century. It has various architectural styles, from the Romanesque to the baroque. There is a spiral stairway inside that leads to the terrace, where there are views of the city, the countryside and the sea.

La Lonja (The silk Exchange): Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Silk Exchange is one of the city’s most iconic buildings, representative of civil Gothic architecture in Europe. Gaze at the stone façade, with sculptures and gargoyles alongside perfectly proportioned doors and windows.

Central Market: One of the biggest markets in Europe, this market is situated inside a jewel of pre-modernista architecture. Experience the aromas of the Valencian orchards and market gardens, savour Mediterranean produce and enjoy home-grown gastronomy

North Train Station: In Xàtiva Street, there are two monuments of incomparable architecture, such as the bullring of Valencia and the North Station (currently active Railway station).

Quart Towers: Built by Pere Bonfill, who was inspired by the Castell Nuovo towers in Naples, the Quart Towers represent a good example of late Gothic military constructions. They were conceived as defensive gates for the city and until 1874 were known as the Torres de la Cal (The Limestone Towers), since the limestone that came into the city had to come in through these gates.

Serrano Towers: Under the supervision of Pere Balaguer, construction began in 1392. The towers were designed to be defensive structures at one of the busiest city gates. They were saved from demolition when the city walls were knocked down in 1865. The Towers represent an excellent example of gothic architecture.